Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Long Time No See

Or long time no post in my case.  I've been riding the relapse rollercoaster and am presently getting over a stomach bug that laid me up for two days.  I'm still a bit off but I've got my appetite back even though I'm still very limited with what I can eat.

I've been busy watching TV and movies.  Nikita is my current TV obsession.  Not sure why exactly that show appeals to me so much.  The characters are mean and manipulative but the acting is pretty good and the plots don't always turn out the way you expect which I love.  Highly entertaining.  

My other TV viewing includes, Revenge (another bunch of mean characters: this time mean rich people instead of mean assassins), Warehouse 13 (fun SF), Eureka (more fun SF), Fringe (modern day X-Files), Suburgatory (quirky comedy), Spongebob (yes I like Spongebob) and Shaun the Sheep (UK claymation with no words!! and very funny and hubs likes it too).  Once in a while I also watch the UK version of Being Human (it can be a bit gruesome so this isn't everyday fare).  Also I started Vampire Diaries but got bored of it.  I might go back when I run out of more interesting things to watch.

I've been pretty lucky with movies lately.  I enjoyed Limitless which is an SF piece.  Hubs read the book but the movie sounds better (more upbeat).  I finally watched The Truth About Cats and Dogs.  While I've finally decided that Uma Thurman's acting is spotty at best (loved her in Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction but she was terrible in this movie and The Producers), I liked the other lead woman in this and the lead guy is so easy on the eye.  It is a modern day Cyrano de Bergerac with the genders reversed.  The Producers (the newer version) was fun to watch.  Bed & Breakfast was an okay romance.  The predictable plot dragged this movie down.  A better romance was Morning Glory which I enjoyed.  Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton were great as cranky news co-anchors.

With help from the hubs (yes, I've been a bit brain foggy these last few weeks) I finally got a book loaded onto the iTouch.  I'm now listening to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  It is wonderful!!  It is a story told through letters written just after the war in England.  I love the way it is read by multiple actors as well.  It helps me keep the letters straight.  I highly recommend the book and audiobook and I've only listen to about an hour or so of it.

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