Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre GAPS part two

I'm making some progress in my prep work.  I've ordered the Internal Bliss cookbook.  I checked Wellness Meats and found that they were out of beef bones, chicken backs and tallow.  I'll have to wait to order more.  I found a cheaper source for the fermented cod liver oil I'm supposed to take.  The manufacturer sells it for half the price of the GAPS site.  I won't get that for a few weeks since I don't need it until stage 2 or 3 of GAPS which will be roughly the third or fourth week of January.

I also talked to hubs.  I told him that he will have to sneak ice cream in the garage while I'm doing this.  The temptation will just be too much for me if there is anything in the house.  He agreed to support me on the diet.  When I asked him what he would eat he said we'll just wing it.  I told him that the food won't be that great for a couple of weeks until I can add some variety and a few more cooking methods back in.  I told him that he could always stop for a burrito on the way home if he gets sick of the weird food.

I am very scared that I'll cheat.  I'm weird about food.  I wish... No I LONG, I PINE for normal food.  I love sandwiches and cake and cookies.  I love a bowl of good pasta once in a while.  I love ice cream.  However, these foods no longer love me.  I keep trying to tell myself that what I am doing is healthier for me.  That I'm doing this to fuel my body with nutrient dense foods.  That I'm using food to heal my guts and possibly heal my CFS.  But, OMG the temptation.  The cravings.  For instance, hubs eats normal bread.  The craving tonight for a regular ham sandwich was unbelievable.  It didn't matter that I wasn't hungry.  It didn't matter that it would give me many pains in my intestines.  It didn't matter that I would end up burping up stomach acid at 5am.  By God I wanted an F'n ham sandwich.  I managed not to succumb.  Not sure if I'll be able to do this for a whole month though.

What I did instead of making myself a yummy ham sandwich was poach a hamburger.  This is one of the GAPS recipes.  You poach it in bone broth.  I made it with some peas.  While this was tolerable, it is not the most tasty thing to be eating.  More like chewing on fishy shoe leather.  However, I can deal for the first couple of stages of GAPS with this.  I'm thinking a lot of poached fish will be in my near future.  I like that way better than poached burgers but I do want to rotate through different meats while on the diet so that I get different nutrients.

I'm beginning to suspect that these specific food craving are actually fat cravings.  I want to drink coffee for the cream in it.  I want the ham sandwich for the mayonnaise.  When I was drinking raw milk I would have a nice big glass of milk and I didn't have these problems.  Maybe when I get more fats into my diet during GAPS these weird cravings will stop.  Prior to the intestinal virus I was getting most of my dietary fats from dairy products.  I'm still not back up to the dairy intake I was on prior to the illness.  I seem to have way more cravings now that a few weeks ago.  I've been on a low fat diet for 20 years now.  I just not used to eating a high fat diet yet.  I'm learning though.

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