Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tummy Trouble Part 2

Had my follow up with the doc today.  He thinks my intestines became infected.  He doesn't know how or with what.  Nothing showed up in my tests.  If it was bacterial there was no trace of it in the poo sample.  If it was viral it wouldn't show up.  He told me that viruses tend to be 24 hour things so being sick for over a week didn't make sense.  Since I seem to be on the mend he is going to let it go for now and have me check back in with him in two weeks.  Maybe it was all the activated charcoal and bentonite clay I ate that cleared things out of my system.  Maybe I confounded the tests.  Maybe I confounded the bugs.  It is all speculation at this point.

I've had some odd side effects from this lack of intestinal fortitude: I seem to be able to eat wheat now with no repercussions and I have way fewer aches and pains than before.  I'm also quite warm this evening although the room temp is the same as ever.  Because of my belly aches I stopped all my meds.  I did fine for several days before succumbing to some joint pain.  I started on my Celebrex again which nipped that in the bud.  I decided (and doc agreed) not to start the hydrocortisone again.  It is a nasty med that needs to be used with caution.  However, I am sitting here pain free in the middle of a major rain storm.  This is unheard of for me.  Rain typically kills me.  It has for years.  What is different now???  Why do I feel fine???

I'm just wondering if I just had a "health crisis".  These often happen when a massive change in body chemistry occurs.  It is the state of getting worse just before getting better.  I've been on my new diet since August.  I don't always behave but I'm probably about 80% compliant.  I know I've managed some healing with it.  My head is clearer.  I have a little bit more energy.  I can read books again.  I've been able to read science papers occasionally.  I've been able to plan more often.  I've driven myself around to local appointments occasionally.  Maybe this week of poo is the beginning of my recovery.

I want to get excited but that is foolish.  I keep reminding myself that I have to live in the moment.  Now is the only time that I have and I have to work with the energy level I have at the moment.  But I want to be optimistic.  I want to jump up and down and do my happy dance.  I'm feeling better.  I want to be better.  I want to recover.

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  1. We are seeing great results with the diet, Diary, no grains and sugar free. We are hoping we have found a solution too.

    I put some truffles on my blog yesterday you could eat too.

    Love Leanne