Friday, October 5, 2012

Bentonite Clay

I think the clay has come to the end of its usefulness in me.  The last two times I've used it is has clogged up my plumbing something fierce.  Today was the worst.  I have never had so much trouble pooping in my entire life and that includes after major surgeries.  UGH!!

After lots of water and chewing on prunes things are working again.  No more clay though.  I'll switch over to activated charcoal instead and monitor myself for any problems.  It is tricky since the effect doesn't happen until 24 hours or so after ingested.  If I do start clay again, it will be at half dose and chased by tons of water and prunes.

Of course if I behaved and stopped eating grains again, I wouldn't need the clay and charcoal.  Time to get back on Paleo/Primal.  I've convinced hubs and kid to do the Paleo Whole 30 with me.   I have to count back from Thanksgiving and squeeze it in before the holiday.  Kid said to make Tday Paleo but then I reminded him that meant no dinner rolls and no stuffing.  He didn't like that idea much.

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