Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Life is Good"

I don't know if this is from something I saw on TV or in a movie or if I read it somewhere.  The author/main character was searching for the meaning of happiness and sat down next to a homeless man in a park.  They got to discussing the philosophy of life and the homeless man said something along the lines of "Life is good when you can eat, sleep and poop."  I tend to agree.  It really is that simple.  If any one of these gets out of whack it is sheer misery.

Doing better today.  The plumbing isn't quite working properly yet but things are moving along.  I seem to have lost my appetite today.  To tell you the truth I'm kind of scared to eat solid food.  I'm worried it will get stuck again.  So today was a diet of yogurt, prunes, fermented cod liver oil, butter oil, coconut oil and homemade chicken soup with very overcooked rice.  I even had lots of tea and coffee.  Coffee always gets things moving.  So I'm still in pain but not as much.  I'm tired from the ordeal and don't feel quite right.

I managed to get out in the sun today finally after a week of rain.  The lack of sun exposure isn't helping things at all.  I also had my glutathione IV today.  So I'm hoping that my energy levels will bump up tomorrow.  Hopefully my guts will start behaving themselves.  I'll take the trots over this any day.  Ugh.

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