Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello Sandy!

Prepping for a potential disaster is a lot of work when you are well.  Having CFS makes it damn near impossible.  I am totally dependent upon my husband and son to do all the work.  Hubs put all the yard stuff away.  Luckily we already had tons of food in the house and gas for the grill if the power goes out.  Although BBQing during a hurricane doesn't sound like too much fun.  The one thing that fell through the cracks was the refill on my sleep meds.  Yup, I ran out.  We're crossing our fingers that my regular pharmacy is open tomorrow morning otherwise it is going to be a rough couple of nights.  Luckily it isn't anything more serious.

I'm not in the direct path.  Fortunately we are much further north.  Our biggest problem is going to be high winds.  We aren't even getting that much rain, only 2" predicted.  I am also fortunate to live in a town with a municipal light department which means we aren't dependent on National Grid or NStar for service.  Woohoo!!  If we do loose power it will only be for a few hours rather than days.

Hubs has the day off work and kid's school is canceled so we get to drive each other nuts tomorrow. Particularly if the power goes out and we will be forced to entertain each other.  Maybe I'll just sleep all day.

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