Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Goodbye Sandy!

I, my family, my cat, my house and my cars survived Sandy's onslaught.  I count myself as very very lucky.  We only had to deal with a one hour power outage.  No biggie.  I've also heard from my friends and my internet CFS/ME friends that were in the path of the storm and everyone is alive and well although a few are still without power.  Whew!

One thing that did surprise me with Sandy's arrival was the huge exacerbation of my symptoms.  Very suddenly as the barometric pressure dropped I felt like I was wearing a lead suit.  I didn't have the strength to hold myself up anymore.  I was stuck in bed semi-conscious for most of the storm.  By the time 3am rolled around (when I'm usually wide awake especially if I've spent part of the day in bed) I was dog tired again and had to go to bed early where I slept for another ten hours.  WTH!?!

Today I'm a bit better but not as mobile or full of pep as usual and have spent most of the day stuck on the couch.  An improvement over yesterday but still not great.  Today I'm still in Sandy's tail and have been watching the weather vacillate between clear skies and torrential downpours and outright nasty thunderstorms.  My body aches all over.

It will soon be over.  I have one more day of Sandy to go.  Then clear skies and sunshine.  I'm looking forward to sunbathing on Friday and hoping that will help.

I must say I wasn't prepared for my body being slammed so hard by the storm.  I can't say it was the prep work since I couldn't do any.  I didn't even do my usual grocery runs prior to the storm since we had so much left over from the prior weekend.  I didn't even need milk.  I went into the storm well rested but noticed that I lacked energy several days before she hit.  Dr. Klimas has studied this phenomena in CFS/ME patients and it is very real.  However, they haven't really figured out why.  I'm not sure it happens to all of us either since one of my CFS buddies was in the direct path of the storm and she seems to be doing okay.

This illness is just one huge mystery.   I am just happy that everyone and everything is okay.  It could have gone so much worse.

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