Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Return to "Normal"

I'm very happy to report I'm returning back to baseline.  I made sure I had no appointments after vacation so I could rest.  I'm sleeping in every morning and lying down in the afternoons.

I'm not totally back to my good level of functioning (I still can't read books) but I drove today.  With the radio on!  That is a first in over a year.  Whenever I've driven this past year I've had to turn off the radio due to it being too much stimulus for my poor brain.  I found it distracting and frazzled my nerves.  Today it was sunny, I had the window rolled down and the tunes on.  I felt normal.  The most normal I've felt since last fall.

I love pretending that I'm not sick when these moments strike even though I know they are fleeting.  I'll crash in a few minutes or an hour but in those few precious minutes I'm normal.  I can make pretend I will get better.  I can pretend I can shop, travel and have a life like a normal person.  It is such a glorious feeling.  Of course I had to lie down in the quiet and close my eyes when I got home but the trip home was wonderful and delicious and normal.

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