Sunday, September 5, 2010

And the Other Foot Falls

Back to my old groggy self today. It was nice to be almost normal for a couple of days. The dog waking me up this morning didn't help any. At least hubby traded our antibarking device for a bigger better one. This one is automatic so I don't have to aim it at the dog, which I was very bad at. It looks like a little brown birdhouse. Hubby has wedged it near the fence to be as close to the dog as possible even though it has a range of 50'. Hubby could nail the dog with the old handheld one from our bedroom window even though it only had a range of 30'. I can hardly wait for tomorrow morning to see how effective it is. Maybe I'll finally start having some undisturbed sleep for a change. I also have an acupuncture treatment tomorrow so I also looking forward to seeing if I feel normal for a couple of days following that.

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