Friday, September 10, 2010

On a Clear Evening You Can See Forever

I had acupuncture again today using the FM protocols.  I crashed shortly afterwards and have just risen after spending five hours on the couch.  I feel normal right now.  Like I could go ice skating or do jumping jacks.  My head is clear and I want to jump for joy.  This is the best I've felt in weeks.  I think I will probably take a sedate walk around the block instead.  Keeping an eye out for stars and the one planet that is mid sky right now, breathing in the crisp Autumn air.  I'm going to enjoy this moment while it lasts and try to restrain myself so I don't crash tomorrow.


  1. I haven't taken a nice walk outside to enjoy the stars and the crisp air in so long. I hope you enjoyed it, and that you don't crash today. Blessings.

  2. Normally it is a 5-10 minute walk. It took me about 15. You would think I had climbed Everest by the time I got back. My legs were like lead, I was breathing heavily and my heart was going. You would never think I used to skate hard for two hours straight. I'm not horrible today but the day is young. I certainly didn't jump out of bed this morning. I am amazed how different it is than walking around a supermarket. I guess stopping every few feet helps as well as leaning on the cart.