Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In the News

Just doing some on line reading and ran across a couple of  interesting articles.

From Phoenix Rising is an excellent article on balance and CFIDS

From Science Digest is a short article on Gluten Ataxia
I found this particularly interesting since my worst symptoms when I used to eat wheat were neurological symptoms.  I did have some digestive issues but the worst stuff was the brain fog and extreme fatigue (nothing like CFS but bad none the less).  If I was presently eating wheat while dealing with CFS I would be bed ridden instead of housebound.  Being wheat free has made a huge difference in my life.

There was also this article on Tai Chi on Phoenix Rising but it address non CFS/FM type illnesses.  I am interested in doing Tai Chi and it will probably be the first form of exercise that I take up when I am more mobile again.  However since I'm 80% housebound right now with about 4 hours of functional time a day adding Tai Chi is not currently a viable option for me.  That said I did find this web site:  She goes a bit too fast for my taste and there is no instruction with it but it is a good start for a seated routine.

This one made it on to The White House Chronicles.
Maybe we will become visible after all.

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