Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Assistive Technology

I've had problems in the past with my wrists from keyboard overuse.  I was doing a science project that required a huge amount of data entry.  I spent days typing on the numeric keypad doing the same keystrokes over and over until my body quit on me.  After seeing a specialist I got an ergonomic desk, chair, split keyboard and a mousepen.  And, I found this excellent company to purchase all sorts of assistive tech from Office Organix.  Now that I have muscle and joint problems I'm going to be outfitting my home computer with some of this tech.  It will make surfing and blogging much more comfortable.

Here is the split keyboard.  It is split down the center and is hinged on a ball joint at the top.  You set it up as a tent so your wrist are in a more natural and less fatiguing position.  Yes it looks weird but once you get used to it, it is a pleasure to type on:

Here is the mousepen:


This is more advanced than the model I purchased for office use over five years ago.  The one I use is just a pen input device and doesn't have the more modern touch capability.

The problem I'm currently having is with TV remotes.  The newer ones require a lot of pressure to activate the buttons.  This makes my already sore joints even worse.  When I find a light touch remote I'll let you know.

BTW, if you are still working you can ask for assistive technology and the company has to provide it if you are having health issues.  See: http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/publications/adahandbook.cfm

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