Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anger Issues

I am ticked today.  I mean royally pissed off.  I haven't quite figured it all out yet but it has to do with being sick. still.  never ending mess.  I have another list today of things I am ticked about:
  • being sick
  • endocrinologist being unavailable and not having someone to help with her case load
  • not hearing from her office regarding a neurologist and rheumatologist and MRI
  • My LTD deadline looming
  • being brain dead and having NO energy this past week
  • having a four hour neuropsych test on Friday morning (I don't do mornings)
  • having to go off pain meds for my colonoscopy next week
  • having a colonoscopy next week (oh what fun)
  • not having any news for my lawyer
  • being sick for Valentine's Day and no money to go anywhere anyway (Gosh I would love to go out for a fancy dinner that day)
  • all the annoying valentine's day commercials
  • people saying that they cured themselves by changing their attitudes and forgiving people
  • having no one to yell at because this isn't anyone's fault
  • having no energy to be able to take this out physically

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