Thursday, February 10, 2011

Healthy Diet??

I finally found the papers with the instructions for my colonoscopy next week.  Good thing I did since I have to start my special diet today.  Turns out all the healthy food that I normally eat is in the "Do Not Eat" column: such as brown rice, nuts, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables and anything corn.  So what is in the "Eat This" column?  White bread, white rice, pasta, cooked to death vegetables, pudding, jello and ice cream.  So with my wheat allergy this leaves overcooked vegetables, pudding, jello and ice cream.  Since my blood sugar is so wacky with this illness I'm going to be a total wreck this week.  Maybe I'll just eat meat and lots of eggs.  Otherwise it will be pudding and ice cream with the concomitant sugar highs and crashes.  I'm SO not looking forward to this.  Oh yeah, I had to stop all my meds and supplements as well.  So on top of the mood swings and energy rollercoaster ride I have to manage a week with muscle cramps, severe joint pain and headaches.  UGH!!!


  1. Oh, my gosh, this sounds like pure torture!! Do you really have to stop all meds and supplements before a colonoscopy? I'd never survive! And everything on that Ok to Eat list is all the stuff I normally avoid! (you, too, it sounds like). Yikes. Glad I still have 5 years to go until I have to get one...maybe by then, CFS will be cured...

    Good luck - hang in there!


  2. All the food I eat is on the do not touch list. I'm totally miserable but I have answered the age old question of "are my meds and supplements working?". Why yes they are!

    I absolutely had to stop my pain med and iron supplements. The rest I just gave up to avoid complications just in case I needed surgury again. It is easier than guessing which ones I should take and which ones I should avoid.

    I wish they would give you that list along with the food list instead of saying ask your doc. Mine misidentified one of my meds and told me it was safe but when I looked into it turns out it wasn't.