Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crap, Crap, Crap

I knew coming off the meds would be crappy.  This one was more exhausting than the last one but I didn't have the depressive mood swing that I got with the generic.  Small gifts I guess. 

Today was a stupidly tired day.  I went to bed last night with my throat feeling all swollen making breathing an odd experience.  I woke up tired and very very sore.  All my joint pain is back and then some.  My left knee has swollen up as if I had been skating on it.  I've had the neuro symptoms off and on all day which makes me do an excellent bobble head doll impersonation.  As soon as I get like that I cry.  It always makes me cry.  Probably because when I get that bad I can no longer talk.  Words escape me.  Language doesn't make sense anymore. 

I always put the neuro stuff down to not having enough sleep however this is the second time that I've had them upon waking.  I also made the symptoms worse by playing a word game on Facebook that is like Boggle.  They didn't go away until I stopped using my brain and just watched X Files where I didn't have to think very much.  So what is up with this? 

I'm a bad typist as it is but when I get like this typing is really hard.  I skip words.  Type random characters.  Mash other words together.  Type the wrong words.  I actually find playing Scramble interesting on days like this because I can tell my reaction time is down and my typing skills suck.  Normally I type about 40wpm.  I should test myself when I'm having a challenging day like today.

I think I'm going to lie in tomorrow and listen to the radio or a book on tape instead of getting up.  I was hoping to take a shower today but I'm too much of a mess.  I'm just going to have to wait this out I guess.  I wouldn't mind so much if I were taking the neuropsych test tomorrow but that isn't until Friday.  I would love to see the crappy test scores when I'm zonked like this.

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