Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Night

I just watched the Oscars on TV.  It made me realize how many movies I've missed this year due to illness.  I love movies.  I always have.  Movies were one of the first things I used my pocket money for when I was a kid.  When I was a teenager I used to attend science fiction conventions and I spent most of the weekend in the movie hall.  It wasn't uncommon for me to sit through 4-6 movies back to back.  By the time I hit my 20's I had seen Star Wars 14 times and that is when I stopped counting.

Anyway, in honor of the Oscars I wanted to review some of the movies I've watched recently on Netflix and that wonderful new invention RedBox (pay a $1 and get a movie for the night from the local gas station). 

Loved it but don't watch when brain fogged.  This is a difficult one to follow.  I had to explain it to hubby at the end.  And both of us were scratching our head at some of the visual effects.  I'm actually going to purchase this movie.  We both want to see it again and probably again and again.  Good stuff.

This is just a fun movie.  Love Helen Miren in it.  These are all ex CIA types that end up coming out of retirement for one last job.  Not very plausible but just plain fun.

The American
Total waste of time.  Odd movie.  Neither myself nor my husband liked this one.  There were bits of it that got me worried that my neighbors thought we were watching porn.  This one is mostly George Clooney being a paranoid gun builder that is hired to build one last sharp shooting weapon for a sniper.  He is so good at sex that he has a prostitute fall in love with him (gag!) and he kills the bad guys off.  Blech.  I also don't like the way it was filmed.  Very odd look to it and almost no musical score.  If I remember correctly it was done on a very low budget.  Which I don't mind but the story sucked.

Another fun movie.  I enjoyed this one.  Hubby liked it so much he rented it twice.

Enchanted April
Didn't like this one.  Not sure what the point of it was.  Sometimes I am just dense when it comes to social interactions so I might have missed something here.  Gorgeous countryside.

Maid to Order
Your basic Cinderella story.  Spoiled rich kid magically turned into a maid so that she can learn humility and compassion.  The movie itself stinks but it was filmed in the 80's so it was a total kick to see all the hair, costumes and set design from that era.  It totally dated the movie. 

Sweet November
Wonderful movie.  This is an unusual romance movie.  Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron.  It is Charlize that makes this movie special.  I don't want to say too much because this movie is full of surprises.  I really enjoyed it.

Donnie Darko
Hubby and I finally watched Donnie Darko which is a SciFi cult classic.  I really like this one.  I'm going to have to watch it again since I was brain fogged the night I saw it and in typical good SciFi movie way it was mind bending so I need to see it again to pick up on the minutiae I missed the first time.

The Maiden Heist
A pretty good heist movie.  Hubby and I always like watching heist movies.  Again this is a bunch of retirees that come back to do one last job.  The cast is just awesome though and make this a fun movie to watch.  Great date night movie.

North and South
This one is actually a BBC mini series.  I loved it so much I had to see this one again.  The acting is really good and it has a great story.  Just a well done piece.

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  1. Wow, great movie reviews! Thanks, Peg - I've added a bunch to our want-to-watch movie list. We like Redbox too - get most of our DVDs from the library, but you have to plan ahead a bit for that. we have Redboxes in all our local grocery and drugstores, so it's very convenient.