Friday, February 4, 2011

No More Sunburn

Talked with the doc today and he has decided that I have an allergy to the Cymbalta class of drugs so he has taken me off them and added them to my list of allergies.  Now I have to detox for a couple of days and then start the generic version of neurontin.  I've taken this stuff before after I had nerve issues after a car accident.  I remember being groggy but I was working at the time and couldn't afford to deal with the side effects just for some hand and foot tingling. 

I truly don't know how I managed to sleep last night; even the seams in my clothes were bothering me.  I had to take my pj bottoms off because of the seams.  Thank goodness I have a very soft tagless top that I can wear to protect my skin when it is this sensitive.

I also keep chewing my tongue.  It is irritated and also feels burned.  I can't taste anything either.  I made this really nice dinner and it tasted like nothing to me.  Hubby told me it was awesome and he loved it and to make it again.  Wish I could have tasted it.  When I can I'll publish the recipe on Fast Foodie.

So now I'm fighting off a migraine.  I've taken migraine meds, muscle relaxants and coffee and my head is still killing me.  Just can't win some days.  I'm not looking forward to the detox.  I'm expecting another down in the dumps day due to the chemicals.  Blah....

Anyway, here is some internet flotsam to cheer things up a bit:

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