Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ms Bobblehead

I could model for a CFS bobblehead.  It was a another bad day today.  I slept most of the day and spent a lot of time in bed with my eyes closed listening to the radio.  Despite all of this when I got up at 6pm in search of food my head started bobing almost immediately.  I'm tired and brain fogged and wondering if I'll be able to shower before the doctor tomorrow.  At this rate I'll be going there all stinky.  About time really.  He still hasn't seen me at my worst and with my specialists all telling me that I should be fine to work I should go there totally messed up.  I'm getting annoyed with this whole thing.  I'm sure the stress of my legal case isn't helping my health at all.  I'll be glad when it is all settled and I can get back to getting better.

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