Sunday, March 6, 2011

Too Much Information

My blog underwent a little redesign today.  Note the tabs along the top edge of my blog!  I've moved useful links and paper references to the other pages.  There were just too many links along the left edge of my blog and I wanted a better way to arrange them so I've moved the sciency stuff onto the other pages.  The main page is devoted to blogalishousness.

I've added lots of paper references and even a video from the Opportunistic Infection Conference that was just held here in Boston.  I'll be moving Dr. Komoroff's lecture over there as soon the Mass CFIDS site is working again.

I just want to mention that I am very pro XMRV but I've included an anti XMRV link because it is from the aforementioned conference.  I want you to be able to see for yourself what people are doing with the research money.  When I started watching the video of the conference I knew we were in trouble when the section was hosted by a guy from London (UK is the source of PACE trial and is pushing for CBT/GET therapies).  Hopefully the tides will turn soon.

Please check out Dr. Deckoff-Jones blog, X-Rx.  She has written a scathing review of the conference and brought up some very disturbing allegations.

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