Monday, June 27, 2011


I have heard from several people that they have been unable to leave comments.  Apparently it is a known issue with Blogger and is fairly complicated since they still haven't fixed it and it has been months now. 

BTW, I've had issues myself both with logging in to my own account and also leaving comments on other people's blogs.  The only advice I've found is to upgrade your browser and uncheck the 'remember me' box.  I found Google Chrome to work better than Internet Explorer but I'm running older versions of IE.

My advice is to upgrade and try try again.  It will work again eventually.  I do miss your comments though.

Addendum:  I have the least problems when logged into Google Chrome with my gmail account.   Right now I'm logged into Blogger with my earthlink account while useing an old version of IE and I can't comment on my own post.

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  1. Peg - I think it is the new Beta programs that most browsers switched to. The minute I upgraded my Firefox, Blogger had made the changes and I now have no problem leaving you comments.

    That is just a guessthough.