Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Couple's Therapy

It has been a while.  I've been sicker than usual.  More tired and very very dizzy.  But I do have some good news.  Hubby has made some monumental decisions:  he has decided that he doesn't want to be Angry Man and he has decided that it would be wrong to leave me.  I guess he figured out that he loves me.  It is the situation that he hates.  In his words, "my parents raised me better than that."

So, things have been going better around here.  There is less yelling and fewer broken kitchen items.  He does still loose it once in a while but mostly it has been pleasant again.  This has all coincided with his starting a new job.  It turns out he is enjoying himself; he is working with nice guys; and it is a slower pace than he is used to.  Between these and the financial relief the income will bring things have been quite nice here.

We are going to couple's therapy.  We have only made it to two sessions so far.  We agreed to check in with each other once a day so he doesn't have any nasty surprises.  I tend not to talk about being sick with anyone.  No one wants to hear the laundry list of weird symptoms I experience on a daily basis.  Occasionally I do unload on my poor Mom and I'm forever grateful to her for that.  But my not talking about it has lead to some unpleasant surprises for my poor hubby.  For instance, I figured out that my afternoon mood swing is probably blood sugar related.  Sometimes I have a deadly combination of a CFS crash and a blood sugar crash coinciding around 5pm.  This makes me cranky and very very short tempered.  This is when I tend to yell and throw things.  He had noticed the mood swings but never noticed that they always occurred around 5pm or that they were probably food related.  So now I try to eat something protein like at 3pm and he calls me around the same time to check up on me.  That way he doesn't walk into cranky wife from CFS hell when he gets home.  He had no idea this was illness related.  So we have made some progress thanks to the couple's therapist.  I like the guy a lot.  I wish we could go more often.  Maybe once we settle into the new work routine we'll make it over there more often.

Now if only my CFS symptoms would ease up I would be a happy woman.

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