Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Glutathione IV: Week One, Part Three

The week in review:

I had lots of bad things happen to me this week: death of my son's friend, death of pet, death of pet on my anniversary and my period showed up.

Considering all this I had a pretty good week.  I only crashed twice and then it was only for a day.  I was forced into bed both times and managed to sleep once.  I'm having to lay low today.

Good things that happened this week:  I cooked every day.  I baked.  Twice.  I went out almost every day.  I drove (locally and not over 35mph but I drove!).  I planned meals.  I went grocery shopping (yes, I was in my wheelchair but hey I went shopping).  I helped with dishes.  I read real paper books!

So the verdict is:

  • The diet is making a difference.  No grains.  No sugar.  Pastured organic meats and dairy.  Organic fruits and veg.  Raw milk.  Fermented food.  Nuts and seeds.  Full fat dairy.  Free range eggs.  All seem to have cleared my head up so I can think straight and read books.  It has almost eliminated my heartburn completely.  I have a little bit more energy.  And yes I do cheat occasionally but on a daily basis I'm consuming almost no grains and sugar.
  • The glutathione was worth it.  It has given me an additional boost beyond what the food is doing.  I'm sure I wouldn't have done so well this horrible week if I hadn't had the IV.  I've felt the effect all week. I've been sitting up for longer periods, getting up to fetch things without thought and generally been more active than usual.  Normally I sit or lie very still.  This week I've actually been fidgeting.  "Its all good." as my old boss used to say.
Tomorrow is my next IV.  I get a slightly larger dose.  I'm curious if I'll have die off again causing a herx reaction like last time.  I'm planning on nausea, heartburn and a nasty taste in the back of my mouth.  As a result, chicken soup is on the menu for dinner tomorrow along with Kombucha and my charcoal capsules.

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  1. Baffled - I am so sorry for all those deaths. My gosh what a horrible week! And yet you are doing pretty good. I'm checking into this Paleo diet you have been talking about. Might be worth looking at and you have definitely peaked my interested.

    I'm glad you seem to be getting some positive results from the IV as well.

    Keep us posted. I am definitely following your journey now! (smile)