Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Night of the Khamikazi Bugs

Every year, on one single night, my kitchen is invaded by small flying bugs.  They are bigger than gnats and mosquitoes but smaller than ants.  They arrive en-mass despite the screens on the windows and doors.  The mesh of the screens is much smaller than they are but they arrive anyway almost as if they just appear in my kitchen by enchantment.

They are attracted to the light over my kitchen table.  They arrive, hover around the light and die.  My table is covered with hundreds of small dead bugs.  The day after the night of the Khamikazi Bugs I have to clean everything that was on the table.  Picking up all the tiny dead bodies.  There is never a forewarning and there are never any sightings of a few stray bugs the night after.  They all show up on the same day and die within hours of arrival.  It happens at the end of the summer.  Every single year.

I have no idea what they are, where they come from or how they even reproduce considering their apparently short lives.  This is one of those life mysteries that will never be solved by someone like me.


  1. Love the title - made me look - I get winged invaders here in Oz that get in under doors - usually 1 week in summer.
    Please call back into Fibro Bloggers Directory and grab a badge. We would love you to be featured (Can't do it without a badge)

  2. I had tried to add the badge when I first submitted my info to the directory. For some reason I had trouble with the HTML code at the time. It might have been when I was having trouble with Explorer/Blogger compatibility. Anyway, as you can see the badge is up and running now.

    As for my winged invaders it just fascinates me that they all show up on the same night. No stragglers.