Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Medicine as Art

I happened upon this web site today: Pharmacopeia.  Their words describe this site better than mine,

"For over a decade, the body of artwork called Pharmacopeia has engaged viewers in the debate around our relationship with medical treatments, encouraging us to examine our own medical and pharmacological history. It continues to explore the tension between the dependence of our society on pharmaceuticals and the ambivalence we feel towards them."

I wanted to share their artwork with you.  It struck a cord in me as I'm sure it will resonate with you also.

Pain Meds

Migraine Tiara

OTC Veil

Looking at the fistfulls of pills I take daily I too could easily make a CFS veil or pain med shoes.  For better descriptions of the art work and the various artists please go to their web site, Pharmacopeia.  There is also much more art, wearable and not, on their site.  Very inspiring and disturbing at the same time.  In its own way it is a sort of activism.  A way of making our invisible illness visible.



  1. Interesting. At first I expected it to be simple anti-pharmaceutical activism, but that isn't it at all--I see what you mean about making invisible illness visible.

  2. The more I think about it the more I want to make a migraine tiara. It would be an easy fun project.