Saturday, September 3, 2011

A New Adventure in Food

Just wrote a long article on my food blog regarding diet and CFS.

What I didn't mention over there is that I'm slowly getting more and more angry at my inability to easily obtain organic wholesome food.  BigAg has twigged that they can make tons of money from the organic market and they have slowly been buying out the small purist organic farmers.  As I recover from CFS, I'm not only going to have to be a CFS activist I'm going to have to be a food activist as well.  We all need good healthy food to have the best chance of being healthy ourselves.

I think what scared the crap out of me was that we got top soil from a local farm last year just before I got sick.  We put in on our grass and it was immediately killed.  NOTHING has grown in this soil.  Not even weeds and it has been just short of two years.  This spring hubby had to physically remove it and put down fresh top soil to get grass growing again.  There are still dead spots in the lawn.  Bits he missed during the soil removal.  This too will have to hauled away.  This is scary shit!  What the heck is Monsanto doing to our soil?  This is going to kill us all.  The honey bees are already in trouble.  What is next?

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