Friday, December 3, 2010

The Cold: Day 5

or Better Life Through Chemistry

I could kiss my doc.  I'm doing so much better today.  The cold seems to have run its course and the drugs are doing wonderful things like letting me breath and stand up without the room spinning.  While my hearing is still a bit dull, I can now pop both ears and I no longer have the stabbing pain everytime I move my head.  The congestion in my chest is loosening up and thining out and starting to run clear so the antibiotics are kicking some major bacterial butt.  Take That!!  It is wonderful when you can eat food and breath at the same time. 

I now have the mother of all cold sores setting up shop on my upper lip.  Holy cow this thing is huge!  I have never had one this big even when I contracted the original virus over twenty years ago.  I had been so happy that each time the virus had a party on my upper lip that it was smaller than the previous one and that it took longer and longer between parties.  I thought I had vanquished its ugly butt.  I guess I was wrong; it just needed a little backup from good old XMRV.  Now they are doing the tango together on my upper lip and having a grand old time.  It is gross and ugly and makes me look as diseased as I feel.  Hah, visible evidence of the viral war raging inside my body.  At last some proof that I am indeed sick.  Some outward ugliness.  A horrible battle wound.  Hopefully I won't have a horrible battle scar when they finally poop themselves out.

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