Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Cold: Day 4

I am truly shocked at how fast and how thoroughly this cold has wrecked my body.  Day one was a simple sore throat that quickly progressed to a full on runny forgot to turn the taps off nose.  One box of tissues and one day later it was in my right ear causing all sorts of pain and swishing noises along with lots of vertigo.  I couldn't move my head in any direction without shooting pains and the room swimming around as if I had just stepped off a Tilt-a-whirl.  The nose continued to run unabated but the mucus had disturbingly thickened up occasionally producing the green goo indicative of a sinus infection.  Luckily I had no sinus pain to speak of just one hell of a cough.  I did however start spiking mild fevers.  The worst one was in the middle of the night when I got so cold my teeth started chattering.  At 4am I wasn't about to go hunting for the thermometer for confirmation so I just piled on the blankets and went back to sleep.  Day three the coughing fits were so bad I was turning bright red because I couldn't breath.  Hubby was worried I was going to pass out or have an aneurysm.  No more fooling around I hit up the stash of left over prescription cough medicine.  This helped a lot but I was still having the occasional coughing fit.  I could feel the congestion in my lungs.  I have a history of colds turning into bronchial infections so I knew where this was heading.   I also started swinging between being hot and cold with the occasional sweats thrown in just to make this interesting.  Although the pain in my ear had subsided, I could no longer hear well on the right side.  I probably had an ear infection as well.  I spent most of the day sleeping.  When I woke up this morning I was coughing up green goo balls .  When I called the doctors office, the receptionist informed me that 'green goo balls' isn't a medical term but I needed to come in to see the doctor.  So now, four days into what should be a routine cold I had a chest infection that was probably bronchitis and an inner ear infection.  I went home with orders to take a decongestant, an expectorant, an antibiotic, and prescription cough medicine.  Of course this is in addition to my B12, C, D, Zinc and prescription anti-inflamatory meds.  And I hate taking pills.  Ugh.

Oh and by the way, one hour before I went to the doctor a cold sore showed up on my lip and grew exponentially.  By the time I got to the doctors office, it was a quarter of an inch in diameter and already had a pussy head on it.  OMG, I haven't had one of these suckers in over ten years.  I also get a 24 hour warning before one pops up and it takes days to get this big.  WTF??  I had to get cold sore medicine along with all the other pills at the pharmacy on the way home.

At least I'm on meds now and can maybe at least slow this thing down and maybe avoid pneumonia.  I am truly flabbergasted how fast and how extensively this has spread.  I am also surprised that I didn't get a sinus infection along with all the other infections.  Hopefully tomorrow I will see some improvement.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Sounds like one hell of a cold! Take care of yourself and avoid getting worse. I get cold sores a lot. I take L-Lysine and it helps knock them out quickly. Rest, rest, rest.