Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Cold

I can't believe how fast this cold has spread through my system.  This is only my third day being ill and it has already settled into my chest and by the feel of it I'm getting a lung infection.  I've had to take stronger and stronger cough medicine to stop the violent coughing fits.  I've lost my voice from coughing so much.  My entire torso hurts from coughing and I keep giving myself headaches from it.  I also keep swinging between being freezing cold and hot and sweating buckets so my thermostat is on the fritz again.  It got into my right ear last night and caused some serious pain and vertigo.  Thank goodness that had passed by the time I woke up this morning or I would have been in the docs office today.  I'll have to see how bad my lungs get tomorrow.  I have a doc appointment on Friday anyway but I wouldn't be surprised if I had to go in a day or two early with bronchitis. 


  1. Get to the doctor right away and start treatment for bronchitis!! It happens to me every time I get congested. People with ME/CFS are more susceptible to bacterial infections because of our imbalanced immune systems.

    Take care of yourself - hope you get over this soon.


  2. Sue I am so glad you sent me some advice. I was shocked at how fast the cold has blossomed into an ear infection and now a lung infection. I did go to the doc this afternoon and he has me on Zpack and lots of other lovely stuff to try and slow this down.