Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Other Perspectives on the Holidays

Some excellent suggestions for coping when you don't feel up to it:

A 64 page planner for Thanksgiving extravagance:

BTW, the 64 page planner was what got me got me into trouble this year.  I have been trying to convince myself that simple was the way to go by preaching this view to anyone that would listen.  Well, Craftzine published the link to the planner on their Facebook page and I had to comment on it.   I just couldn't leave it alone.  64 pages?  Really people?  Does it need to be that complicated?  After some banter amongst various commentators the whole FB entry disappeared. 

But I was left thinking about my reaction to it and the holidays in general.  And thus was born my very long previous post.  I'm sure I'm not done discussing the holidays.  After all this is my first one with CFS and I had issues even before I was sick.  CFS is going to put a weird unexpected twist on things.

As to the planner, it is very useful if you are needing to plan a large party; if you aren't used to cooking for groups of people;and/or if you need assistance organizing things.  Don't let the length put you off it has lots of good lists, charts and timetables in it.

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