Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pain Pain Go Away

Well the Celebrex wore off yesterday.  OMG I have never herxed that bad coming off that stuff.  I usually feel a little extra joint stiffness when I stop taking it.  I've been on and off the stuff for my osteoarthritis for years.  I used to take Vioxx for it before it was taken off the market.  But back to yesterday.  Normally I would say I was hit by a bus but this was more like being run over by a dump truck.  A really big dump truck.  Like....
Scarfed from
See the guy leaning up against the wheel?  It was BAD.  "How bad was it?", you ask.  It was so bad that one of my really bad headaches woke me up at 4:30am.  Out of a dead sleep.  I had to get up and take some pain meds, which I wasn't supposed to touch so my stomach could recover, and then sit watching TV hoping I wouldn't throw up from the pain.  It was a bad morning.  So today despite what my doctor said I took my Celebrex. 

I'll take the blue one.
Now I feel human again.  I have some pain but it is mild.  I am not under attack from the killer headache monster who can morph at a moments notice into a migraine.  I'm a little achy and the head is a bit twingy.  I guess the headache monster doesn't want me to forget it can attack at random.  He is probably lonely and just wants some company even though he isn't welcome here.  So even though I have some pain and even though I still can't get off the couch much,  I am happy today.  Yeah me!


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