Thursday, November 4, 2010

ID Bloodwork Round 2

I went for another visit with my infectious disease doctor and his fellow yesterday.  This is at a huge hospital in downtown Boston so it is scary that the staff know me now.  Anyway, I got what I consider some very good news.
  1. All of my inflammation markers are going down.  This means that whatever I had my body seems to be recovering from it.  Yeah!
  2. My thyroid is out of whack.  Now this I find a bit weird since I had it tested back in June and it was normal but the ID doc told me that sometimes there is a delayed thyroid reaction to an infection.  They took four more vials of blood to check all things thyroid and I should hear back in a week.  If the second tests confirm the first it is off to endocrinologist to get some meds.  In a stupid way I hope it does come back positive since thyroid problems are relatively easy to fix.  Even if this doesn't cure me at least I will feel way better and that is a step in the right direction.
  3. She (the fellow) put me back on the B12.  The odd thing is she said that the B12 shouldn't effect me as fast as it did.  This is making me doubt myself: was it some kind of placebo effect?  Am I mentally deranged and making myself sick?  I'll have to ask my regular doc about this and/or my shrink.
  4. He finally heard what I was saying about lack of energy vs tiredness.  He is talking to a colleague at MGH about my participating in an XMRV study.  I find this very exciting on two fronts.  First that he is now seriously considering CFS as a potential diagnosis (which isn't good but it is validating) and second, as a scientist and patient, I am very excited to do anything to further the information on XMRV and CFS.  We need a cure.  Even if I end up not having this disease there are millions of others that need help.  While I'm too sick to do anything else at least I can be a guinea pig to further our knowledge and this makes me very excited.
So all in all a good visit.  I crashed hard afterwards which was a bummer.  I was having trouble even hobbling around the house.  Still haven't gone shopping.  Doubt I will get there today.  I have an appointment with my regular doc regarding my stomach issues and then it is off to the chiropractor.  Looks like this week is all restaurant food.  Bummer.

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