Friday, November 5, 2010

Cranky Pants

I have my cranky pants on.  I put them on just before dinner.  As I've mentioned before everything about the dinner ritual can get contentious in my house.  Dinner is almost never a pleasant experience anymore and I dread it daily.  To make a short story long....

I had an excellent morning.  After the neighbor's dog woke me up for the millionth time this year, I spent the morning lounging in my favorite chair reading Craig Ferguson's autobiography American on Purpose.  It is a hoot and I highly recommend it.  That guy can write and make even horrendous stuff funny.  Anyway, so there are me and the cat enjoying our quiet warm house on a blustery rainy morning.  Finally my kid got up around 1pm.  Turns out he is now sick.  He caught it from hubby who had been sick since last Saturday and is just getting over whatever he had.  Since I was feeling pretty chipper, I decided to make my little germ factory drive me to the supermarket.  $300 later we drove home with tons of groceries.  We were both in good spirits at this point but I was dragging.  I left my sick kid to put all the groceries away while I curled up on the couch with another book, Jim Butcher's Grave Peril.  It didn't take me too long to end up closing my eyes for a while.   I think my foul mood started during that rest.  While my body craps out on me like this, my mind often remains very active.   It gets restless and bored while my body has to take time off to recover from whatever abuse I laid on it.  So I was off thinking of food, planning elaborate meals I couldn't possibly cook and generally annoying myself with ideas that were beyond my body's capability.  Because the mind got restless my body followed suit.  Instead of taking the much needed nap I got fidgety but couldn't really do anything about it.  I was on the couch with the regular TV and nothing good was on.  I was stuck.  Too tired to read and nothing to do.  I found myself waiting.  I wanted my husband to come home to keep me company and to talk with me for a while.  I called him to remind him to pick up my new meds from the drug store and got a surly person on the phone instead of the loving attentive hubby that I was craving.  (cue whiny voice) I know he is at work.  I know he is busy with other stuff.  But sometimes I am in an unreasonable mood and this afternoon was one of them.

He was late coming home.   I had an odd feeling that I couldn't start dinner before he got here.  After he arrived I found out why: he had made plans to go out to dinner with the guys tonight.  He offered to skip dinner which is unlike him, which means what he really wanted to do was eat with the guys.  I had just bought all the food for dinner at great energy expense on my part (I just laid on the couch for three hours and still felt beat) and now he tells me he wants to eat with his friends.  This is just a bad confluence of events.  He is big on family dinners.  In order to please him and maybe for once have a peaceful meal together, I went out of my way at great expense to get food into the house, cook a nice meal and now he wants to duck out.  Normally I don't mind him going out but I had been craving his company, looking forward to a real family dinner and was dead on my feet.  My dream was shattered.  My good intentions wasted.  And did I mention I was tired?  I wasn't exactly mad yet but I was a powder keg.

While I was sitting at the table going through the recipe I was going to attempt, hubby was gnawing away on the loaf of fresh bread I had just bought.  I looked at him and asked him to break off a small piece for me and he jokingly pushed a crumb over to me.  I blew.  I mumbled a few expletives under my breath that I'm sure he caught wind of while I stormed off to another part of the kitchen.  He suddenly became very helpful with dinner which is unusual for him.  Probably a case of the guilts.  I guess he really wanted to go out.  He hasn't gone for quite a while since he has been so busy working. Like I said normally I don't begrudge him that.  Today I was tired and I have an amazingly short temper when I'm tired. 

So this is the point where I put my cranky pants on.  I put together dinner while he hovered around trying to be useful.  Again very weird behaviour on his part.  This is normally what I crave but I was too pissed off to enjoy.  I shocked myself and made a very decent Chicken Saltimbocca on my first try.  A little salty but pretty good.  I want to switch to some better ingredients next time but it is worth trying again.  I couldn't believe how easy and fast it cooked up.  For the recipe go here.  Just type in when it prompts you for an email address.  (I didn't do the flour dredge and it came out fine.)  I was so tired by the time I was done even though it was really easy.  I should have taken him up on the offer of no dinner but I didn't want the meat to go bad.  And maybe I was being a tad stubborn.  Like I said just a bad confluence of events.  We enjoyed the dinner.  The kid picked the prosciutto off but ate the chicken.

Now, kid is upstairs being sick.  Husband is out with his friends.  And I'm stuck by myself at home on a bad TV night.  I'm still cranky and restless and bored.  Crap I hate this.  And I was in such a good mood this morning.  ARGH!


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