Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

Had my physical today.  My B12 has gone up 100 points.  Yay!  Other than being sick and gaining weight I'm in perfect health.  Even my thyroid numbers are back down to normal.  The only abnormality that showed up was low iron.  This is a new one so we are back to a GI workup which they decided against back in October.  They took 5 more vials of blood for iron and Celiac tests.  The Celiac test is going to be useless since I haven't been eating wheat for over 5 years.  Even if I had Celiac the test would come back negative.  I'm beginning to wonder about the IQ of my doc or maybe he is at the point of stabbing at ghosts since I'm still sick and he can't find anything obviously wrong.

Heh, I decided that it would be a good thing for him to see me crashed so I did too much yesterday and again this morning.  By the time I was in his office I had the shakes, couldn't walk straight and was having trouble speaking.  When I get that bad I also cry easily so of course he was asking me complicated questions and when I tried to answer I got so pissed off at not being able to talk properly I started crying.  I was also having trouble understanding him so when he asked what was wrong he got the dumb look from me.  I couldn't figure out what he wanted to know.  Then he asked if I was depressed which I'm not just having a bit of a cry.  I've already forgotten a good deal of the meeting and I was there for two hours.  I'm still baked.  I wonder how many days it will take to recover from this?  I think it was worth him finally seeing me at a bad point instead of my usual chipper self.


  1. You know I have often thought that we should do that. They don't see us at our worse so they don't see how bad it truly gets. I have actually been there on really bad days and I can't make heads or tails of the questions as well.

    I'm sorry you are in the payback mode. I hope your bounce back is quick.

    Glad to hear that the tests looked better.

    Just curious,but does your doctor not know you have M.E./CFS? And if he does, why is he still looking?

    BTW, you are right. Doing a Celiac Test when your aren't eating gluten is a waste of money and time. (head shake)

  2. My doc is a bit of an oddball. He is very kind and understanding but he can't seem to make a decision to save his life. When I first got ill he didn't send me to a specialist until my husband went in with me during my third month of being sick. Right now he doesn't want to go on record as giving me a diagnosis of CFS although he filled out the diagnosis line of my handicap placard application as CFS. He also doesn't write down when I'm having trouble walking talking etc which is an issue with the LTD.

    Despite the crash, I'm very glad I went there all messed up. I'm hoping that my syptoms will end up in my medical record which I need for the LTD. I did wake up okay this morning but my kid refused to push me around the store in my wheelchair so I used a shopping cart to prop myself up and now I'm all screwed up again. It's not all his fault though I did want a bit of exercise. I'm sick of sitting on my butt all day.