Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Food Experiments Continue

Today I managed to crack the seal on the Bubbie's Sauerkraut.  Trust me this was a huge feat.  I even failed using my Oxo Good Grips jar opener.  But after lots of determination I managed to get the jar open and I didn't even spill any of the uber healthy juice on the floor or myself.

My order from Wellness meats also came in this morning and I let the braunschweiger sausage melt in the sink for an hour or so.  I cut each end off the roll and put the remainder in the freezer.  Of course I dropped one slice on the kitchen floor that hasn't been cleaned for weeks (when is the cleaning lady due??) and had to discard some of this lovely meat.  Braunschweiger is an interesting lunch meat.  It is grass fed beef, beef liver and spices.  It is uncured but cooked and reminds me of very good liverwurst.

So my snack plate today consisted of a slice of sausage, a tablespoon of kraut and a tablespoon of fermented ginger carrots.  I should have added a slice of raw milk cheese but I was too tired from opening the kraut jar to get up from the table.

The verdict?  Not so crazy about the ferments.  They are very salty and I've been eating low salt for about 20 years now so I don't particularly like super salty foods.  They are also a bit on the sour side and the carrots are too gingery for me.  That said.  I think I might be able to acquire a taste for these.  I can certainly have an occasional large dollop at snack time.  It is very good for my guts and will help heal my intestines so I'm going to keep eating them.  I think when I manage to do my own carrot ferment I'll leave out the ginger.  I can easily see using the carrot pulp from my juicer for fermenting.  Hum...  The ultimate in recycling.

The sausage is fantastic!!  LOVE it!!  Then again I used to eat liverwurst as a kid.  This reminds me of that nice high quality stuff.  Now I do want to mention that while I love the smell of liver and onions cooking I HATE the taste of liver.  Always did.  I used to cook it for my dad who used to like it for his dinner.  I'm English and organ meats were common menu items during my childhood not that I liked any of them.  Since good quality liver is supposed be very good for our health and I hate eating the liver itself, I decided to try it hidden in lunch meat.  And it worked!!  I can eat this several times a week no problem.

I've even decided to call this the plowman's lunch in homage to my English roots: slices of sausage and strong cheese, generous dollops of kraut and carrots, maybe a slice of sprouted spelt bread with some cultured butter on the side.  If I'm really hungry apple slices and grapes can be added to round out the lunch.  Yum!!

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