Friday, January 13, 2012

Pre GAPS part five

My last order for GAPS stuff just got placed with iherb.  I'm buying 2lbs of kelp powder (for detox baths), 1lb of beef gelatin (yes I'm making home made jello: i'm just bummed I can't find a source of grass fed gelatin), bile salts (I have no gallbladder and bile salts are used to digest fats) and to replenish my dwindling stock of vit E.  Since I am a first time customer I got $5 dollars off and since the order was over $40 I got free 3 day shipping.  How cool is that!!

BTW my fermented cod liver oil showed up today.  I had one this morning and no fish burps all day!!  Woohoo!!  I used to get them when I took regular fish oil so this is a nice change.

Next step (if I can get my brain to work) is to put together a menu for the next two weeks so I know what meat to order from US Wellness and what veg I need from WF this weekend.

So far I've struck out on grass fed oxtails and tallow.  One person I talked to at Whole Foods said they could put aside grass fed suet for me but when I called on the phone to actually order it the guy had no idea what I was talking about.  They do have grass fed oxtail though.  So I might not have any animal fat to cook with next week other than butter and ghee.  I might have to skim the fat off the beef broth when I make it.  I also have a small (few inches) piece of fat I cut off a steak before I cooked it for dinner last week.  I have to render it when I feel up to standing at the stove for a while.

I did pour off some whey from some old kefir that has been in my fridge since before Christmas so I've got lots of that for my probiotic source.  I've been too sick to make kraut.  I'm going to have to look for some jarred stuff at Whole Foods when we go shopping Saturday.

Not too bad for the prep work.  I'm going to buy as many veg all ready cut up as possible.  Not sure I'm going to be in good enough shape to actually cook much next week.  We'll see.

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