Sunday, January 1, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I just got a shout out from a new friend, Tanya, who writes one of my favorite blogs, "Its a Real Pain", about living with FM.  Much to my surprise, she has selected me for a Liebster Blog Award.

I'm going to crib her definition since I have never heard of this before:
The word “liebster” is of German derivation.  While there are many meanings for this word the one word I am going to base my nominations on–because you know single words are ever so important to me–is “beloved one” which means “one who is dear to the heart.”
The idea of the Liebster Award is to get the word out about blogs you love to read.  The rules are simple:

  1. List five blogs you enjoy reading.
  2. Let the author know you've selected them for the award.
  3. Copy and paste the award to your blog.
  4. Hope the recipients will pass it along to their five favs. 

So here we go, my favorite blogs, in no particular order:

1)  The Reinvention Tour:  I've been reading Karen's blog for over a year now.  When I first "met" her she was still having serious issues with CFS/ME.  After wrestling with the illness for six years she is now on the mend and almost one hundred percent back to normal.  She is an inspiration to me and living proof that one can beat this illness.

2) Microcosm:  Another blog I've been following for about a year.  Stacy is another CFS/ME sufferer who lives in New Mexico.  However, instead of writing about her illness she writes about her little corner of the planet.  She has a lovely enclosed garden that she tends when she can and she occasionally ventures out into the surrounding parks.   I absolutely adore her writing and her photography is amazing.  It is a true pleasure to read her posts.

3) Cranky Fibro Girl:  While Jenny doesn't post often I love her wry whit.  Her posts often have me in tears from laughing so hard.  A fellow geek girl with a great sense of humor.

4)  Learning to Live with CFS:  While I've never met Sue in person, we've become friends via the blogsphere.  Her family has been struggling with CFS/ME for decades and she has become my go to pal for CFS information.  She intersperses information and entertainment on her blog.

5)  4 Walls and a View:  Last but in no way least is my friend Dominique.  Another CFS/ME soul that I've never met in person but we've become good friends thanks to the internet.  Her blog is an inspiration to many fellow chronically ill souls all over the planet.  I've seen her stay upbeat in situations that would have been devastating to myself.  She is now on the road to recovery and is back out among the living.

I just want to thank Tanya for selecting me for this award.  It is my first one EVER!!  Woohoo!!  I've been so blessed to meet so many cool people via the blogsphere.  It is one of the truly great things that has resulted from my being ill.  

NOTE:  CFS is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis


  1. Ooooo I can't wait to visit these blogs! They're all new to me.

    You're most deserving dear lady.

    I love your space and I always feel better when I read a little.

  2. Thank you soooo much Peg. I definitely will be checking out some of the blogs you listed that I'm not familiar with.

    I'm so glad we became friends. I have thoroughly loved getting to know you, reading your blog, and walking out this journey with you.

    You have an amazing spirit and soul and you so deserve the award my friend. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks! I really have been blessed meeting so many wonderful people in the CFS community.

  4. I'm really touched--thank you so much for the award and for all the kind things you said about Microcosm!

    The biggest loss of CFS/ME for me has been of my social life--I almost never spend time physically with other people just for fun, so the internet community has been wonderful to discover. It's been great to "meet" other people like yourself, with your amazing drive to heal, inside and out.

    Congratulations on the award yourself--you definitely deserve it!