Monday, January 23, 2012

Stuff n Things

I'm mentally challenged right now so forgive me if I meander a bit or have weird sentence structure or even crappier punctuation than usual...

Had a nice outing with hubs, hence the old brain is now out to lunch.  We went grocery shopping in Whole Foods today.   I found Bubbie's sauerkraut and locally made fermented organic carrots.  These are both fermented in the traditional, WAPF approved, manner using only salt.  Of course they were horribly expensive.  $8 for a small jar of ginger carrots.  I don't even know how much the kraut was.

I instantly felt disparaged.  I've been reading LOTS of real food blogs where the authors and followers shop at local organic farms and make everything from scratch.  Now kraut and fermented carrots are simple to make and a comment someone made on one of the blogs rang through my head "Why would anyone want to buy this stuff when it is so easy and cheap to make?"  Of course I wholeheartedly agree with them.  BUT I'm not healthy.  I'm having trouble cooking.  I'm lucky if I manage to make dinner on any given day.  Some days even breakfast is a challenge.  But I was bummed that my attempts at making this have failed the few times I've had the energy to make the stuff.  I'm bummed that I've had to throw out three heads of organic cabbage since they rotted before I got around to attempting fermentation again.  BTW, cabbages keep for WEEKS.  How can I not find the time/energy to make simple foods that would help me and help my guts???

Then it struck me.  I need to give myself permission to spend the money on good food when I'm this sick.  It is okay to spend $8 on fermented carrots when I'm too sick to make it myself.  I am not "less than" when I can't make things from scratch.  I might have to spend extra money right now but if it helps me heal and get better then I'll be able to start making it myself and save tons of money.

Of course I hope I actually like this stuff.  I also hope it doesn't upset my tummy.  We'll see.  Let the experiments begin.

My new mantra "It is okay to take shortcuts in the kitchen."

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