Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holding Pattern??

Just because I'm in a holding pattern for starting GAPS doesn't mean I'm not still gearing up for it.  I put in my first GAPS oriented meat order Sunday.  The meat will be here tomorrow.  They are still out of tallow and oxtail and are now saying that they will be in Friday.  I only ordered enough meats for the first week of GAPS.  This means that I will have enough meat to meet the minimum order criteria when the tallow comes in.

My bile salts, gelatin and kelp powder showed up on my doorstep today so I'm now ready for my detox baths and high fat diet.  I can also make white grape jello without any added sugar.  Woohoo!!

My kid also drove me to Trader Joes today.  So I stocked up on frozen fish for my breakfasts.  I now have tuna, salmon and tilapia.  I was hoping for haddock or halibut but they didn't have either.  I got two bags of onions.  Too bad they didn't have any cipollini onions.  I was looking forward to using those for the braised onion side dish that is allowed on GAPS.  I'm hoping that WF has some.  I did get some mint and sage for the poaching liquids.  I'm having mint with the lamb.

I remember Mum making mint sauce for our lamb when I was a kid.  It was one of my favorites and so easy to make.   http://www.allfreecrafts.com/giftinajar/mint-sauce.shtml .  Yum!  I also like malt vinegar and salt on my peas instead of butter.  Not sure if I can have malt vinegar on GAPS.  I'll have to look that up.

I'm hoping to swing by WF on Friday after my doc appointment to pick up oxtails and possibly suet so I don't have to wait for Wellness Meats to get their crap together.  Seriously.  They are driving me bonkers.  They are now often out of what I want and can't keep common items in stock for any length of time.  It bums me out.

One additional note.  I'm going to ask my doctor about the GAPS diet and see if he thinks this is a good idea considering my intestines being tied up in knots right now.  Either they hurt outright or I can feel them spasming (which feels really bizarre).  My regular doc dismissed it as IBS and sent me home with no instructions on how to deal with it.  I was too out of it at the time to do anything about it.

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