Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Back

"It's baaack"  You have to say this in a drawn out sing song high pitched voice.

Yuppers, my guts quit working again today.  Or maybe I should say they kicked into overdrive.  So much for going to bed early.  

I've been slowly preparing for GAPS.  After initially balking at the idea and trying to eat everything in the house that was GAPS illegal, I was actually looking forward to my intestines not hurting anymore.  Instead I've been unable to find a source for grass fed tallow and oxtail.  My usual supplier, US Wellness Meats, has been out of them for a month now.  They were supposed to have them in Friday but still no luck.  I need to order meat and if I do then I won't have a big enough order to get the oxtail and tallow when it finally does come in.  ARGH!!  And no I haven't been able to source it locally.  The cattle around me are grained off or grain fed.

Now what is the big deal about tallow you might ask.  Well it is the ONLY fat allowed during the first couple of stages of GAPS.  Animal fat is essential for gut healing and good nutrition.  I have to have this for the start of GAPS.  I can't start using ghee until phase 3.  Sigh.  

I've also been so sick I never managed to make the kraut or kimchee that is required.  I do have some whey so if my guts don't force me back to bed I might be able to get by on the whey until the kraut ferments or I manage to find Bubbie's kraut at WF.  

Yeah they do sound like excuses but you have to realize that I spent over five hours yesterday putting together a two week GAPS menu so that I could put in my meat order this weekend and also pick up all the right veg from WF.  BTW, the site I used is AWESOME!!!  You type in recipes or URLs of recipes, put together a menu and it spits out a reasonable facsimile of a shopping list.  Woohoo!!  Makes my life easier.  

Going through other blogger's experiences of Intro GAPS continues to surprise me.  Everyone cheats in some way.  I don't know if it is because they are trying to feed kids or reluctant husbands but I don't understand the cheating mentality.  The diet is set up this way for a reason: to heal the guts.  It won't work well if you cheat.  It will work some but not as well as strict adherence would.  Even the ebook I paid money for has recipes in it for food that isn't allowed at the level it is written for.  Go figure.  Something I see over and over again is the statement "I rushed too fast through this."  Which resulted in incomplete healing and a need to back track through the program.  If you don't rush and do the program properly it actually takes less time to heal.

I know I slip from my GF diet fairly frequently but I don't have any huge effects from it.  Nothing like I used to get when I first started this diet six years ago.  Back then a slip would mean instant belly ache and 24 hours of severe brain fog.  Now a slip usually results in nothing.  That aside when I first went on the GF diet I was very strict about adhering to it.  I knew I was healthier if I didn't cheat.  People would ask me how I could do it but the risk outweighed the reward at that point.  I would get really sick and be in much pain if I cheated.  So when I do go on GAPS I'm not going to cheat or rush through the stages.  It is only a month.  I can do this.  I'll come out the other side with no more gut pain and no more bathroom disasters.  I might even manage to get off some of my supplements because my guts would be able to absorb vitamins and minerals from my food again.  Wouldn't that be cool??

I wonder if I'm allergic to corn?  I had loaded nachos tonight.  I got organic corn chips and organic corn which means nonGMO but I haven't had this dish for a long time.  I wonder if I had it the last time my guts quit working????  I barely eat corn anymore so I wonder.....

In the meantime, I get to listen to my guts singing to me while my ass feels like someone took a flame thrower to it.  I know.  TMI.  Oh well.  Life of the chronically ill.

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