Friday, January 13, 2012

On The Mend?

I had my physical last Friday.  During that meeting I went downhill very rapidly.  I figured a couple of days rest and I would be fine.  But NO.  I kept getting worse.  I've spent every day this week in bed or on the couch.  These last few days I've been too dizzy to even sit up for long.  I certainly can't read or reason.  Typing is a challenge.  I have to erase just about as much as I type.  Rest just wasn't fixing things this time.

My kid finally came back from visiting his girlfriend in another part of the country and I managed to get to the chiropractor this afternoon.  He adjusted my upper back, my shoulder, my neck and my jawbone.  After swearing at him profusely, I sat up and felt better instantly.  As the evening has progressed I have had a few dizzy spells but it isn't continuous.  I have periods of lucidity where my brain works for a little bit.  I've been catching up on my blog reading.  I've still got a ways to go but hope springs eternal and I've got the idea in my head that I'll be doing much better tomorrow morning.  We'll see but things seem to be progressing in the right direction.

Oh and some good news: this new diet of mine resulted in my cholesterol numbers going down.  Hehehe.  Yup, eggs, butter and full fat dairy everyday and I've lost ten pounds and my cholesterol went down.  Woohoo!!  I'm just crossing my fingers that I'm well enough to start GAPS on Monday.

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