Monday, January 30, 2012

Nothing To See Here. Move Along.

Warning: this post is definitely TMI.  Do not proceed if you are squeamish about girl bits.

More of the same old same old.

Just when I'm starting to do a teeny tiny bit better I get whopped with something else.  What was it this week???  The period from hell.  Yup.  No period for four months.  I was going to have a celebratory party but then...  Lets just say I woke up this morning to discover a shower and laundry were going to happen BEFORE breakfast.  Nothing like four months worth of uterine lining sloughing off in less than 24 hours.  Major ick! Of course I felt like hell the last 24 hours.  Hubs even said I was white as a ghost when I finally emerged all soapy clean and starving hungry.

But I'm beginning to feel better again.  I'm back on my meds and they are working.  I'm getting my diet back on track.  Eating more good stuff than bad.  Cheating way less often.  I seem to be craving beef lately and am eating it whenever I can so there is something my body needs from it.  I've gone off pork and hadn't had it in a week or two.  I'm back to having eggs and vegetables for breakfast and fruit, cheese and nuts for evening snack.  My head is slowly clearing up.  I can read a little bit more each day.  A week ago I had trouble with single sentences.  Now I can read a page or two before the words start jumping around (yes they really do jump; they like to play jumble on me).  Episodes where I can't walk or talk are getting further apart and are resolving faster.  Things are moving in the right direction.

I get very frustrated with the slow pace of the recovery.  I keep wanting more.  I'm always wanting more.  I'm drooling over crossfit blogs.  I'm having skating dreams.  I want out of the house.  I want to be able to walk around the block on a sunny day.  It has been over a year since I have managed that feat.  I keep thinking about my muscles wasting away.  I couldn't open a water bottle today.  Jars are becoming a problem.  Poo.  This blows.

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