Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pre GAPS part four

OMG I could do without these hot flashes.  About every half hour I just want to rip my clothes off I'm so hot.  Ick.  The new deodorant isn't managing to keep up with my sweating fits.  Sigh....

More prep for GAPS today.  I got my Internal Bliss cookbook.  Lots of cool ideas.  I have to go through it and mark which ones I can use during stage one.  I want to try making coconut milk and flour.  It also gave me an idea for a portabello mushroom appetizer.  I'll write about it if it works out.

I bought some biokleen scent free laundry detergent and their awesome dishwasher soap.  In for a penny in for a pound.  I was almost out of laundry detergent anyway.

I bought some fresh carrots and beets so I can start juicing again.  I tried my fav commercial yogurt yesterday and tolerated it very well so I stocked up on it today.  I also got another head of cabbage for sauerkraut again.  I found out that you HAVE to refrigerate it BEFORE you eat it.  Apparently it changes the flavor for the better.  So third time is the charm???

Seawead at Whole Foods was stupid price so I'm going to buy some from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I can get kelp powder for $4/lb.  Plenty for detox bathing.

They also didn't have any soup bones of any sort so I'm going to have to find some online.  I'm hoping Wellness Meats stocks them soon or I'm going to have to find another vendor.  Bummer.  But I did buy a small organic free range chicken that I'm going to roast and then use the bones for stock.

Hey even the cat ended up with organic kibble for the indoor cat.  My little chubs will have something new to turn her nose up at.

Talking of chubs.  Apparently the weight I lost while I was sick seems to be semi-permanent.  I'm still about 8-9 pounds lighter than prior to having the intestinal infection.  Not a recommended way of loosing weight but I thought some of it might have been water weight but apparently not.   First time I've been under 250lbs for about a year.  I'm expecting to loose some more while on GAPS as well.  That would be cool.


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  2. I LOVE biokleen. That's all I use! I'm actually running low and needing to get some soon.

    I probably missed it with everything going on lately but how do you use kelp to detox in the bath? Could you put that up under the Wahls Diet on FB?

    Anyway, everyinthing sounds wonderful. Cant wait to see how you fare.

  3. I've been meaning to do a detox post. I'll try to work on it as soon as my brain fog clears up a bit.