Sunday, November 20, 2011

Being Human (UK)

I recently reinstated my Netflix account.  I found that Amazon Prime just didn't do it for me.  They have very few free good movies or TV shows.  Anything half decent they charge money for even if you can get it on Hulu for free.  Many of the "movies" are dummy logos with a ten minute interview clip rather than the full version.  The full versions you have to pay money for and you don't get a discount as a Prime member.  It is also really hard to browse around.  The menus keep dumping back to the pay movies.  Not worth the money so I switched back to Netflix.

One of the new shows I found is the British version of Being Human.  I've watched a few episodes of the American version on Hulu.  It passed the time but wasn't anything spectacular.  The English version is fantastic!  Great acting.  Good stories.  And I found myself relating to the characters in an odd way.  

The basic story line is that a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf end up living in a flat together in Bristol (which happens to be the first town I remember living in: I was 6).  All they want to do is be human.  Instead they find themselves isolated and friendless due to their "condition".  They have to make pretend everything is okay when they go out in public.  They hide when their "condition" starts to act up. 

It is a perfect metaphor for chronic illness.  I found myself relating to them.  Not being able to leave the house.  Not being able to have friends.  It being a huge triumph when they finally have the neighbors over for tea.  Success being measured as having a normal day.  An ordinary day.  I am very hooked on this show.    

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