Saturday, November 12, 2011


Still crashed.  Yesterday I woke up with full blown neuro symptoms.  Normally it takes a day of doing too much to bring that on but once in a while I wake up already a mess.  Of course it had to happen on a day when I had to travel to Cambridge.  Not helpful!  So today I got the "hit by a bus" symptoms.  I've been in pain all day and my stomach is making all sorts of odd noises.  I didn't do a lot physically.  Just sat out in the sun too long.  I was tired the next day but mentally alert so I read lots of science papers trying to figure out cell metabolism.  Maybe the mental exertion did it.  I can't believe that using my brain hard would do this much to my physical body.  That is just weird.  Then again this might just be one of those CFS weirdnesses.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are crashed... I have been also the last few days. I hope you're wrong about using your brain hard being part of what makes this happen... My brain is the only thing that I have left to use hard!

    I hope things are on the up soon