Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting My Head Screwed On Straight

I have read various pieces claiming that blood circulation and fluid circulation is reduced in the brains of CFS patients.  There is definitely brain involvement in my case.  After all I loose the ability to speak when I get really run down and I haven't been able to read consistently since last summer.

One of the stranger symptoms that isn't really talked about is the stuffy feeling I get at the base of my skull.  That is where my constant headache has been since this started.  The headache only goes away with the use of Celebrex, an anti-inflammatory.

I do have to reveal some history about myself, I've had a lot of head and neck injuries over the course of my life.  I've fallen on ice several times both resulting in concussions.  I had a tree fall on my head (weird longish story) which resulted in yet another concussion with symptoms that lasted for months.  It also resulted in neck damage.  I was rear-ended.  Twice.  Within one month.  Severe whiplash both times.  I still have nerve problems in my hands and feet from those and they were years ago.  Needless to say I have been under the care of a wonderful chiropractor for years.  He keeps my neck in line and my head screwed on the right way.

This last crash resulted in the congested feeling at the base of my skull.  I knew my neck was messed up and I hadn't seen Dr. Jones for several weeks so hubby drove me over there last Thursday.  I got instant relief.  I suspect that the flow of cerebral fluid had gotten blocked or at least severely reduced due to my neck being seriously out of alignment.  He had to do a lot of work to get it sorted out.  The congested feeling went away and I started a slow but noticeable improvement.  I wish someone would actually study this illness and find out if neck alignment has anything to do with this illness.

Anyway, I can't say conclusively that all of my improvement over the last few days has been solely from chiropractic adjustments since I bumped up my hydrocortisone doses as well.  Anything to get the inflammation reduced.  I do feel that both the pills and the chiropractic are important parts of my care and I won't give up either one.  I always have at least minor improvement after a visit to Dr. Jones even without any change in my meds.  He may not cure me but he certainly helps me not feel as rotten.

Now that I'm functioning better I want to get back to improving my diet.  I managed to find sprouted spelt bread at Whole Foods.  I have sprouted spelt and sprouted kamut flour in storage in the freezer and spelt sourdough starter in the fridge. I have yogurt culture stored in the fridge and pastured milk in the freezer.  And my meat delivery came today.  So fire up the stove and get ready to cook!  I'm up and about again.  Woohoo!!  Thank you Dr. Jones!

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