Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pacing FAIL

Yup I suck at pacing.  Total fail today.  I only meant to shower, throw out the rotting vegetables in the fridge and buy some groceries.  In one of my rambling walks through the house I discovered that the bag of cat litter had ruptured and the cat had scattered the litter all over the laundry room, possibly using it as an open air potty in the process.  This lead to transferring the kibble from a bucket to a storage jar so I could transfer the litter to the bucket and then sweep up the mess.  Of course that led to a litter box change and more cleaning.  I discovered that my sweaters in the laundry room were still damp so those had to go into the dryer for an air fluff dry.  Which lead to my needing a cup of real coffee and breaking one of my diet rules: no coffee.  But heck I needed one after that little episode.

On to the fridge clean out.  Ick.  Some of the vegetables had melted which meant I had to empty the drawers so that I could clean the goo out of them.  Which lead to my cleaning off the shelves which lead to my removing one of them to scrape the cardboard off that had welded itself to the shelf several months ago and had been impervious to prior fridge cleaning binges.  After two drawer cleanings and a shelf removal and a full garbage can I was done for the day with that little task even though one or two other shelves really needed a cleaning as well.

Instead I sat down to make the shopping list.  Which lead to calling my kid to see if he was coming over for dinner, which lead to my finding out  that I needed a ride to the Marino Center on Thursday for my IV.  Which lead to a phone call to arrange for the MBTA Ride to come get me making sure that the transportation disaster that happened last week won't be repeated this week.

Quick!  Marinade the chicken before you go out or you'll be too pooped to do it when you get back.  Find baggies, decide on dressing for marinade, slice up chicken into reasonable sized pieces, throw in bag, smoosh around, throw in fridge for later.

Now to find my wallet, the shopping list and the reusable bags so that we can head out the door to do the actual shopping.  Oh yeah, the cat needs feeding first because it is now 4pm and it is her dinner time.  Shopping went well but took longer than I expected.  I was beat when I got home and was glad that I had marinaded the chicken BEFORE I left the house.  A quick salad, marinade a large portabello cap and some asparagus and send hubby off to grill dinner.  I'm done.  I'm really done.  Am I going to pay for this tomorrow??  We'll just have to wait and see.  I SUCK at pacing but I'm thoroughly impressed with the amount of stuff I accomplished today and I didn't even get any neuro symptoms!  Of course tomorrow I might end up in bed all day which would stink because I would really like to make pickles and jellied cranberry sauce.


  1. Wow, this could be my own blog post it sounds so familiar...I too, am terrible at pacing, although I function a fair amount poorer at present - can't really shop at all for example.

    I was told to keep charts of activity for a few years by my specialist. One thing I noticed is that often the crash comes 2 day (48hrs) later!! a pattern I never otherwise would have picked up on.

    I hope you don't crash...I love the feeling of getting a few things done and not paying for it :)

  2. Me going shopping is basically me going for a ride in my wheelchair while someone pushes me. Even so this still can tire me out pretty badly.

    I like the idea of doing charts but I am terrible at doing that sort of stuff. Mostly I forget and then days go by before I remember again.