Sunday, October 24, 2010

Curiouser and curiouser

The B12 doses are helping tremendously.  I'm back on my feet again.  It is very odd.  Prior to the start of the treatment I was only sleeping 6 hours a day.  As soon as I started taking it I started sleeping 12 hours a day with several naps during the day.  It was like I was making up for all that lost sleep.  Now a week and a half later I am down to sleeping only 8-9 hours at night and most days I don't nap.  I am back to where I was in July.  Tired most of the time, easily fatigued.  Sleeping well most nights for a 'normal' amount of time.  I am also no longer nocturnal and actually get tired at 10 or 11 most nights.  Yeah!!

Food has been another weirdness.  When I started taking B12 I was starving.  Like I get the week before my period.  Always hungry.  Always wanting to eat.  Finally two days ago this stopped.  I am back to normal sized portions and not being starving all the time.  My appetite hasn't stabilized yet.  I don't get hungry so much as dizzy and nauseous and then I realize that I haven't eaten for hours and am having a gylcemic reaction.  I need to start paying more attention to the types of food and when I eat them to rebalance my system.  I'll figure this out soon.

As far as energy goes I have more than I did two weeks ago.  I actually made a simple dinner all by myself today.  However I was exhausted afterwards.  I did go to the market two days ago.  Good thing I only needed a few things.  I couldn't walk anymore after about 15-20 minutes.  I couldn't do my usual cruise up and down the isles.  Luckily my son was with me to drive us back home.   It sounds like not much but it is progress in the right direction.  I am please and curious what the days ahead will hold.

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