Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Decent Meal

I just finished a turkey sandwich.  Not an ordinary from the deli sliced turkey sandwich but the real left over turkey dinner kind with cranberry sauce.  Last night I had my first decent homemade meal in months.  A full out turkey dinner with everything; mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, and stuffing.  Am I better you ask?  Am I cured?  Hell no.  My sister and mother drove six hours to visit me and I am LOVING it.  My husband swears he is going to not let her go home. 

My sister has turned into a domestic goddess since becoming a mom.  The first thing she did when she got here was clean out my fridge and take inventory.  My son then drove her to the market where she and my mom got busy buying groceries.  Since I haven't been shopping during the three weeks of my crash there is very little food in my house that hasn't degenerated into a bio experiment.  She then came home and we put together a simple grilled chicken dinner with salad.  (I'll post the recipe on Fast Foodie soon).  Then after dinner she did all of the dishes.  I could  kiss her.  My husband was over the moon happy.  The next day she made the turkey dinner.  It was AWESOME!  Tonight is roast pork.  I can hardly wait.

I dearly wish I lived closer to both of them.  I can not describe how awesome it is when someone shows up to help me.  I'm such a horrible introvert that I don't know people very well even though I've been in the same house for ten years now.  No one pops round with a casserole or to pick up some groceries for me.  In the last six months I've only had three people pop round for a quick hello.  If I wasn't an introvert the isolation alone would drive me bonkers.  Having company and some help is just such a gift.  I'm not sure how I can thank them enough.

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  1. What a lovely opportunity for mom and sis to do the good that it makes them feel to help you I am sure.