Friday, October 22, 2010


Must have something to do with the massive B12 doses I'm on but I just had a huge HUGE realization: my husband's crankiness has nothing to do with me.  Nothing I do will get rid of it. 

Case in point: I just had the best day after a month of hell.  I showered on my own; got books out of the library; went out to lunch; drove my car; bought some English chocolate; had a nice dinner date with hubby; read a book; I'm in a great mood.   During our dinner date I held his hand, kissed him, winked at him, had some pleasant dinner conversation and generally had a nice date with him.

So at ten o'clock in the evening what is my hubby doing?  Pitching a hissy fit.  He is storming about having to go get the kid from school (this is after I offered to pick him up myself).  I asked if he wanted me to get him and I got some weird diatribe I couldn't follow.  I offered to keep him company for the trip but he started ranting "This always happens to me.  This is so typical.  I'll just take care of it myself like I always do." after I told him he would have to wait a few minutes for me to get ready.  Well, excuse me for having to poo.  You can't wait a few minutes??  The fact is he wanted to rant.  He had some pressing desire to get pissed off.  He needed to yell at the world and it has very little to do with me.  So I can stop feeling guilty for being sick.  I can stop getting upset when he pitches fits.  It isn't me.   IT'S NOT MY FAULT!  Whew!  I can stop blaming myself.  Now I just have to figure out a way to help him.

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