Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 4

Things are so weird and unpredictable.  I figured I'd be bouncing off the ceiling by now.  What has happened is not what I expected.  I'm tired.  Like sleepy tired.  Before the B12 I was sleeping about 6 hours each 24 hour cycle.  I spent most of the night up often going to bed at 4am and several times after dawn.  During the day instead of being tired my muscles would just quit working so I would have to lie down.  I would get the shakes if I pushed beyond the point I knew I should be resting and I would get oddly dizzy.  Not room spinning dizzy but not being able to tell which way is up when you're underwater dizzy.  I could no longer navigate a dark room and I often had to hold on to stuff or people when walking around a lighted room.

Today is day four of 1000mcg doses of B12.  My circadian rhythm is back on track.  I now get tired once it gets dark rather than when it gets light.  However, I am back to sleeping 11 hours at a shot and needing at least one nap during the afternoon.  The good news is that I'm no longer dizzy.  I can stand in the shower with my eyes closed and wash shampoo out of my hair without risking a concussion.  My thinking has cleared up considerably.  I managed to walk to the end of my road and come back.  But, I am back to being stupidly tired.  I just want to sleep all the time again.  I feel like I'm making up for the past month's worth of insomnia.

Don't get me wrong I'm totally happy with the improvement.  I can shower unsupervised.  I can make a simple meal.  I can walk around unassisted.  I just need to sleep.  A lot.

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